Skin parasites

It is not uncommon to see someone scratching their body, and there is no visible sign of a pesky insect bugging them. In fact, many people scratch embarrassingly and do not know why. They may share their discomfort with someone, perhaps their own doctor, only to be told that they are “crazy” or delusional, but what they feel is real. They feel like there are insects crawling in their skin, and no matter how much they scratch, the sensation does not go away. Some people with human skin parasites do not show any physical signs at all, but most do have abnormalities of the skin.

Frequent human skin parasites Symptoms

Most people experience the following:
– Rashes resembling eczema or clustered pimples
– Propensity to have bugs attracted to them
– What appears to be worms under the top layer of the skin or in their stools
– Itchy, irritated skin
– Dark to black sandy-looking specks on the skin
– Strange-colored fibres sticking out of the skin, or evident just underneath the skin’s surface
– Crawling feeling on the neck and armpits, face or within the ear canal
A smaller number of people who are suffering from human skin parasites get these signs directly related to the skin:
– A deposit of black of dark colored flecks on the bed linens
– Irritated, hurting, itchy areas on the sin, that degenerate to open, bloody sores filled with pus
– Hard knots just under the skin
– Bright red or rich brown lesions under the epidermis, resembling blood spots
– Lesions that do not heal that, upon examination, are filled with stalk-like matter, only visible through a microscope. These unhealing areas are where you will find skin parasites.

Are There Any Other Indications of Skin Parasites?

It is so easy to be infested with skin parasites and not even realize this condition as the cause of ill health. Remember what a parasite is: an organism that derives its nourishment from living off the nutrients of another, thereby depriving the host of its own sustenance. Therefore, parasite infection can cause other undesired effects not immediately linked to them.
– Hair loss, often starting by thinning out at the hairlines or actual breakage of hair shafts
– Difficulty concentrating, trouble remembering basic things
– Swollen and tender joint
– Muscular pain, stiffness and tenderness
– Inability to ward off simple colds and viruses
– Propensity to develop allergic reactions
– Exhaustion, both mental and physical – even routine tasks are a challenge
– Trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, exacerbating the already-tired body

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