Signs and Symptoms of parasites

Many people doubt the existence of parasites that subsist of off humans. Others, however, can testify that they are real. They may not have realized that they were infected, but after getting ill and investigating the cause of their illness, they were positively diagnosed. From such testimonies, we have come up with this list of symptoms of parasites that infect humans.

Parasites symptoms – eight Common symptoms

1. Diarrhea is a common indication that you may have human parasites. You see, some parasites release a hormone-like substance that causes humans to react by having diarrhea.
2. On the other hand, others get constipated. It depends on the size, nature and side effect of each particular parasite. If you are infected with worms, for instance, some worms are large enough, numerous enough, so as to actually obstruct the intestines and anus. Therefore, the affected person would experience constipation.
3. Another sign that you may be infected is if you are prone to bloating, flatulence and gas. The inflammation caused by certain parasites may cause this reaction
4. Look out for anemia caused by parasites sucking nutrients from the host, and hampering the production of red blood cells. Actually severe blood loss can result from the leeching of some types of organisms.
5. If you have persistent joint pains and arthritis has been ruled out as the causative factor, you may be suffering from human parasites as they encyst in joint fluids. They can also permeate muscle tissue, causing pain of movement.
6. For the one who suddenly begins to get allergy symptoms where they never had allergies in the past, they should consider that they may be harboring parasites.
7. Various skin conditions are attributable to human parasites. Look out for eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, hives, rashes, open sores that take longer than is normal to heal.
8. Granulomas form to encompass parasitic egg, and may develop in the lungs, uterus, liver, colon and rectal walls.

Other symptoms of Human Parasites Not Generally Attributed to Parasites

1. Interrupted sleep patterns – parasite infected persons frequently wake up between 2 and 3 a.m. as at this time, the body is attempting to detoxify. Chinese medicinal theory posits that the liver governs dictates these hours. Additionally, parasites feed at night when the body is at rest, and this may cause itching in the anus.
2. Nervousness and anxiety – by-products of parasites can irritate the central nervous system. We hear of patients who, after a total herbal cleanse, their personality went from grouchy and irritated to a more sunny and optimistic disposition.
3. Children who have a pinworm infestation often grind their teeth during sleep.
4. Chronic fatigue and physical and mental exhaustion after the simplest task can often be a symptom of human parasites.
5. Your immune system can become compromised as a result of these miserable creatures. Remember they are sucking away the nutrients gained from food intake and as such the human body is deprived and unable to ward off disease. Therefore don’t be surprised, if it seems like you always have the common cold

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