Foods that get rid of stomach parasites

Persons who live in what we refer to as First World territories do not even for a brief think that they can at any time be affected by stomach parasites. The misconception exists that such problems will only affect underdeveloped nations who have inferior infrastructure and little access to top class utilities.
The fact is that parasites do not discriminate by global location. They can impinge on anyone of any ethnic background, sex, age and nation. Science has so far found over one hundred and thirty different types of parasites that subsist off the human body. Some are microscopic, yet there are others that are visible to the naked eye, like the tapeworm that has been known to grow to 37 feet long!

It is so easy to get infected by parasites. Parasites can enter the body by insect bite sites, contact with infected animals and their waste, dirty needles and blood transfusions. Consuming raw or improperly cooked pork, beef and seafood makes you a prime target for parasites. A primary way to get the intestinal parasite giardiasis is through water. The Center for Disease Control has found that in the US, this is the most common water-borne parasite, and estimates that by the year 2025 more than eight billion people the world over will be affected by some sort of parasite.

Recognizing the Signs of  Stomach Parasites

Some parasites take months or even years to manifest themselves, and the symptoms are such that they are not unique and can be misdiagnosed. Warning signs include vomiting and diarrhea, flatulence, chronic tiredness and fatigue, persistent hunger, muscle and joint aches, nervousness and anxiety, insomnia, teeth-grinding, dermatitis and other skin related irregularities. Of course, such symptoms can indicate many other disorders, so it is important that the possibility of stomach parasite be included in troubleshooting.
Consuming food and drink are a necessity for life and as such, the average person does not even remotely consider that they can bet human stomach parasite by normal daily living.

Foods that get rid of stomach parasites

Once the presence of parasites has been confirmed, your doctor will make several recommendations to eradicate them. Of importance are flushing out the colon to clean the end digestive tract and the intake of purifying and probiotic supplements to kill the parasites and restore the normal pH balance and reintroduce and foster natural fauna to the intestines.
Anti parasite medications, like praziquantel, may be prescribed in conjunction with corticosteroids to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of parasite infection. Of equal significance is assuming changes in lifestyle to minimize the chances of reinfection.
There are many people who swear by foods to get rid of human parasites. Mix onions and pumpkin seeds with soymilk to help eliminate parasites from the body. Some say that consumption of raw garlic helps, as well as eating carrots, pineapple, pomegranates and beets.
Stay away from dairy products and tinned foods. Use honey as a substitute for sugar because parasites thrive on sugar.

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