Symptoms of intestinal parasites

It can be assumed that you may have parasites if you have a medical record of extensive periods of bloating and loose bowel movements. There are tests that diagnose human parasite infections: – The ova and parasites test that entails three separate tests of stool samples, each sample taken at two day intervals. This is … [Read more…]

Signs and Symptoms of parasites

Many people doubt the existence of parasites that subsist of off humans. Others, however, can testify that they are real. They may not have realized that they were infected, but after getting ill and investigating the cause of their illness, they were positively diagnosed. From such testimonies, we have come up with this list of … [Read more…]

Tapeworm symptoms in humans

When people drink water or eat food that is polluted with tapeworm larvae or tapeworm eggs, tapeworm infection happen and therefore, tapeworms in humans. Ingestion of tapeworm eggs, they could spread and create cysts in almost every organ, but if you ingest tapeworm larvae, they turn into adult tapeworms in your intestines. That kind of … [Read more…]