Human Parasite Infestation

In modern times the average person does not hear much about human parasite infection. In fact, thousands go through their entire lifetime without ever having the thought cross their minds. But have you ever given some thought as to the specifics of human parasites?

Human Parasites an Age Old Issue

The truth is that as long as there has been human existence, there have been parasites. Scientists discovered the reality of human parasite as an age old issue, dating back to the year 1200 A.D. with evidence of parasitic eggs of schistosomes in Egyptian mummies. Most human parasites belong to one of four groups – flukes, tapeworms, roundworms or protozoa.

With improved sanitation utilities, and focus on healthful surroundings and human lifestyles, Human parasites are not so much a threat in the United States. However, in underdeveloped countries where primary healthcare and inadequate access to bountiful running water are a challenge, human parasite epidemic is very real.

List of 10 human parasites

1. A common human parasite that is contagious through soil and unsanitary condition is the ascaris lumbricoides, also referred to as the giant intestinal roundworm. The Global Network for Neglecged Tropical Diseases estimated that this parasite will affect close to one billion persons at any point in time, causing 60,000 deaths per year.

2. Billions of people regardless of global location are affected by the hookworm, of which there are two species known to man. These penetrate the skin and can cause adverse anemia and blood loss.

3. It is relatively to know whether you have pinworms, as most sufferers experience and itchy bottom. The female pinworm deposits her eggs in the anus at night, causing irritation to the tissues of the anal passage.

4. There are two types of tapeworm (taenia) as well – the beef tapeworm and the pork tapeworm. Clearly these are contracted though eating poorly cooked beef and pork, and can be lethal as they negatively affect the nervous system.

5. The oriental liver fluke is flat and sped like a leaf. It is known widely in Far East territories and is transmitted though eating undercooked or raw seafood. It is posited that bile duct cancer is as a result of the oriental liver fluke.

6. Schistosomes mentioned earlier are mostly found in Eastern, South American and African regions. This parasite penetrates the skin while the host is immersed in contaminated water. Infection results in inflated abdomens caused by inflammation of the spleen and liver.

7. The parasite plasmodium causes malaria and is transmitted through the bite of the Anopheles mosquito. Signs of malaria include ague, fever and urine in the blood.

8. Chaga’s disease is as a result of the trypansoma cruzi. The triatomine bug bites the host while asleep and defecates in the bite site, causing the host to itch. When the person scratches, the parasite is introduces into the blood, and cause cardiac issues.

9. The giardia intestinalis, found in most of the world, is normally contracted from drinking contaminated water, and causes diarrhea.

10. Hundreds get entamoeba histolica from consuming contaminated food and drink. Most infected are not affected; however, about 10% of infected persons experience bloody stools and internal organ abcesses.